Family Dedication

Family Dedication – Required Parent Class is on May 4th at 11a.

Members of Living Hope can register here for Family Dedication on Sunday, May 11th, 2014.

In the past we have referred to this celebration as Baby Dedication, but in an effort to communicate more clearly and offer a more intentional commitment to our families, we have changed both the name and the requirements for participation.

In actuality, this celebration allows families that are members of our church to come before their family of faith and commit together to nurture, train, and pray for the spiritual well-being of the children of the next generation. This covenant, this commitment, is possible only because of a shared personal belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ and a firm commitment to the truth and power of God’s transforming Word. Therefore, in order to participate in this service, at least one parent must be a member of Living Hope Baptist Church.

This statement from our elders provides clarity:
“Membership allows the church to first and foremost confirm the faith of the parents. This is foundational and establishes a covenantal relationship. Baby dedication allows these members to come before this body of Christ in a very precious and intentional way – declaring their faith, humbly asking for prayer, accountability and partnership as they raise their children according to Biblical mandates. The church in turn commits to hold fast to these families; to pray, to train, to set an example, to counsel and encourage them.”

In addition, we will also be offering a required Family Dedication class which will provide a platform for Biblical training and conversation. Our nursery is open for infant care and all member parents must attend.

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