What Jason Knows

The summer is coming! The summer is coming!

This means that there are also some unique opportunities for Kingdom work to get done….

First, there is the need to get people discipled at Living Hope. During the summer, we have needs in our children’s ministry specifically. Our teachers will miss a Sunday here or there for vacation and we need folks to step in and give a hand. Please contact Cindy Starr and ask her how you can help.

We are also going to be looking to raise up several new small group leaders. We are going to seek to get everyone involved in a small group training during the month of September. The study is called “Everyday Peacemaking”. ┬áIt is the culmination to our year focus on peace. We will need folks to open their homes, press play, and lead a discussion of the questions that go along with the study. If you could help us by hosting a group, please contact Pastor David Head at david.head@lhbg.org.

Second, there is the need to make disciples in our neighborhoods. We do this well through Back Yard Bible Clubs. It is a simple and yet very effective way to meet your neighbors and share the love of Christ. Please contact Cindy Starr to let her know if you are interested in hosting one at your house or if you would be willing to help someone else.

Third, there is the need to pray for God to bless our kids at camp and on mission trip. We have hundreds of children that will be at different church camps on and national mission trips this summer. Please be praying for God to save those who are lost and strengthen the faith of the redeemed. Camp and mission trips provide a unique opportunity for God to work in a child’s life. Be praying for a movement of God.

God is doing a good work in our midst. We have over 4,000 people (including babies and preschoolers) on the church campus for Easter. Pray that there will be lots of new faces that will be show up in the month of May for the sermon series “Imagine Peace at Home” and come to worship each Sunday prepared to meet new folks and help them feel the love of Christ. Also come expecting God’s Word to draw you to greater devotion to Jesus.

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