Jason’s Hope

My hope is that Living Hope will truly believe that we are “better together” and truly live what we believe. As the world falls deeper into darkness and division because of sin and hate, it is crucial that the church continue in our countercultural loving calling. Although we are all different and have different ideas and perspectives because of our upbringings and life experiences, we are all one in Christ Jesus.

My prayer is that we will remember our unified HOPE in Jesus. This life of hope changes us and drives what we do. It makes us …

HUMBLE – we know we are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. We have no reason to boast. Were it not for the grace of God, we would be lost, living in darkness and stuck seeking to satisfy the desires of the flesh. We would be hurting people hurting people. But in Christ, we boast in the Lord and in His great mercy that has taken us out of darkness and death and into His glorious light and life.

OPPORTUNISTIC – we know that God has placed us where He wants us. He made us to be raised in the family we were raised, to look the way we look, to have the strengths and weakness we possess, and to live where we live. Given how God made us to be and where He has placed us to live, we know that we are to live on mission where we are. We are to build genuine friendships and love others so that we can lead as many as we can to anchor their life and hope in Jesus.

PASSIONATE – we have been loved with an everlasting, steadfast love that we cannot be separated from. God has redeemed us in love. While we were sinners, Christ loved us and died for us. His passion for us gives us our passion for Him and for those He loves. Choosing to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples out of a desire to show our love for God and the people of the world He died for is our passion.

EVANGELISTIC – we are free to live hopeful and be helpful, as disciples of Jesus, and make disciples where we live, work, learn, and play. By investing in relationships with other people and inviting to meet Jesus and gather with the church to learn more about Him and worship Him, we provide the greatest help one human being can offer to another. We are exiles passing through a broken world. This world needs love. The love we share is based upon the Gospel of Jesus and it is our goal that we make known this truth that has become flesh, Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to live hopeful and be helpful by investing in others and inviting them to walk with Christ and gather with us for worship. The month of September provides many great opportunities.

  • At our worship gatherings, we will be looking at the fact that we all have some growing to do in our faith and that we grow better together. For those who have not yet gotten started, those who are just getting started, and those who have been at this a while, God has more for us.
  • On Sunday nights, our children have the opportunity to invite their friends to Sunday Night Stuff. This is a fun-filled night with games and excitement, where the Gospel is shared.
  • On Wednesday nights, our students come together for food, fun, and fellowship. This is a great night for them to bring friends to hear the Gospel and experience God in the presence of peers.
  • On Wednesday nights, our young adults also have a gathering in the Chapel and connect around times of praise, teaching, and conversations about life in Christ.

Pray that we will see many new people get connected in the life of our church this month and take advantage of these opportunities to invest and invite those God has placed on your heart that need to know Jesus and get connected in the family of Living Hope.